We're developing a portfolio of safe & affordable medical devices that empower safe surgery for all.

Our flagship technology is the Arbutus Drill Cover.


Orthopaedic drills cost $30,000+, leaving surgeons in resource-constrained settings with two options:


1)  Hardware store drills:   non-sterile, cause infection

2)  Hand drills:   time and labor intensive, damage bone



Introducing the Arbutus Drill Cover

The Arbutus Drill Cover allows surgeons to safely use a low-cost hardware drill within a clean surgical environment - whether it be in a hospital in Uganda, following the earthquake in Haiti, or a field hospital in Syria.

And surgeons are excited about it! To date the Drill Cover has been used in over 4,000 surgeries in low resource settings and emergency relief.

Photo by Masashi Karasawa

Our device is a patent-pending, sterilizable, and reusable, fully-sealed sterile barrier that completely encloses an industrial power drill.

By making it safe to use an industrial power drill, we can bring cost-effective surgical power drills to places in need without compromising world-class quality or functionality.

Preliminary testing has shown both safety and efficacy, on par with an expensive surgical drill. 


Beyond the technical solution...

Our innovation is not just a technical one. To thrive in these markets we need to change the way medical device markets work, and re-think sales strategy so that we can reach those customers previously unserved, while providing a healthy return to investors.

We're on track to enter the East African and Indian markets by early 2016, with key distributors, manufacturers, and product evangelists lined up across the clinical spectrum.

And the drill cover is just the first of a many ideas that we will add to our portfolio in the next years!