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Safe Surgical Equipment For Animals

At Arbutus Medical, we design safe, simple, and high-quality surgical equipment for surgeons and Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). We are working with small and large animal veterinarians across multiple countries to help surgeons gain access to the tools they need.

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Feel confident knowing that your drill is completely sterile thanks to the highest level medical barrier on the market.


Linens are constructed from a Level 4 trilayer ePTFE laminate fabric - a lightweight textile that prevents the transfer of liquids, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses


The DrillCover linen is reusable. Simply autoclave sterilize in between procedures.


Our Best Effort For Our Best Friends

Using non-sterile surgical equipment can lead to infections and bone damage. At Arbutus Medical, our team is dedicated to designing products that prevent the risk of infections. 

Although our efforts initially started out as humanitarian relief in low-resource areas, we have since expanded and assist veterinarians facing similar challenges. 

Other drills have the chuck adapter simply passing through an unsealed hole in the cover – not ideal from a sterility perspective. The Arbutus cover has a sealed adapter incorporated into the cover, greatly improving sterility. The cover itself is made of a material that allows very good tactile feel of the drill beneath, and the seal across the bottom is the most secure of any that I have used.
— Ken Gummeson, DVM Aberdeen Veterinary Hospital (Kamloops, Canada)