Animal Health

Safer Surgery For All Animals

Surgical Equipment For Animals

At Arbutus Medical, we design safe, simple, and high-quality surgical equipment for surgeons and Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). We are working with small and large animal veterinarians across multiple countries to help surgeons gain access to the tools they need.


Our Best Effort For Our Best Friends

We believe that all animals deserve the same level of care as humans. Animals too face a risk of infection from non-sterile equipment and their bones too suffer from imprecise equipment. Safe surgery is important and stopping infections is key. Infections to an implant can have devastating and long lasting effects. 

Although our efforts initially started out as humanitarian relief in low-resource areas, we have since started to assist veterinarians facing similar challenges. Our team is dedicated to designing products that make a difference in the everyday life of the end-user and ultimately the animal involved.

Our DrillCover has been used on dogs, cats and horses from Canada, to the USA and Costa Rica.