The Mission

Eradicate Unsafe and Non-Sterile Surgery

At Arbutus Medical, our mission is to eliminate non-sterile and unsafe surgery. We believe that by providing veterinarians and surgeons with affordable, safe, and high-quality surgical equipment that we can reduce the number of  animals injured by surgery. 

Hazardous procedures can have crippling effects on animals and their owners. Just like us, our animals are susceptible to infections and bone injuries. With the proper equipment we can ensure a healthier recovery. 


For Veterinarians

For DVMs who do not perform surgery regularly, a $20,000 surgical drill is not the most appealing option. For these veterinarians, our drill cover kits are an affordable alternative that guarantees safety and high quality. Now veterinarians can perform safe surgery in house without having to worry about their bottom line.

Drill Cover for Orthopedic-Surgery-For-Veterinarians.jpg

For Surgeons

For surgeons of veterinary practices and travelling ones, our drill cover can help reduce time wasted during reprocessing. Instead of having to autoclave drills over and over, surgeons can simply reprocess and stockpile covers. This allows surgeons to perform more surgeries with the same drill without sacrificing sterility or comfort.