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Florin Gheorghe CEO & Co-founder Arbutus Medical.jpeg

Florin Gheorghe - CEO

Florin is a social entrepreneur with a M.A.Sc in Biomedical Engineering. Prior to co-founding Arbutus Medical, Florin studied operating rooms and hospitals in Uganda during his M.A.Sc, operating businesses in the developing world, and working as a medical device consultant.

Elise Huisman Clinical Director & Co-founder Arbutus Medical.jpeg

Elise Huisman - Clinical Director

Elise spearheads the animal health side of the business as well as the clinical division of Arbutus Medical where she researches and measures the impact of our products. Elise has a M.Sc in Biomedical Engineering, over 6 years of clinical research experience, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences at UBC.

Lawrence Buchan Operations Director Arbutus Medical.jpeg

Lawrence Buchan - Operations Director

Lawrence heads strategy, supply chain management, and R&D for Arbutus Medical. He has a M.A.Sc from UBC and in depth knowledge of orthopedic biomechanics and medical device design from his time in the Engineers in Scrubs Program.

Michael Cancilla Engineering Director Arbutus Medical.jpeg

Michael Cancilla - Engineering Director

Mike champions engineering at Arbutus Medical with a M.A.Sc in Biomedical Engineering. With years of experience working in manufacturing as well as for Verathon Medical and Vancouver Coastal Health, Mike is leading the development and design of all surgical equipment here.

Combined, our team has tens of years of hands on experience in hospitals across the world and researching the surgical devices industry for corporate and academic institutions.

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Scott Edmonds - Finance


Our Board of Directors


Florin Gheorghe
CEO, Arbutus Medical

Michelle Welsh
VP Sales, priMED Medical Products

Tom Urban
CEO, CellFor


Darrell Elliott
Grand Challenges Canada

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Fortune 100 MedTech


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