DrillCover P

The Problem

Surgeons, general practitioners, and veterinarians face similar problems everywhere in the world.

  1. Either surgical drills are inaccessible due to high prices ($20,000+) or environmental constraints. Alternative solutions are often non-sterile and unsafe.
  2. Or surgical drills already in use breakdown due to harsh sterilization processes.

Because of these challenges, animals may wait longer for the surgery they desperately need or receive unsafe surgery that leads to other health complications.


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Our Solution - The DrillCover P

The DrillCover P is a fully-sealed sterile barrier that is autoclavable up to 80 times. The linen and sealed metal adapter create a Level 4 fluid and pathogen resistant barrier – the highest classification available.

Our covers give surgeons the power and confidence to perform sterile surgery with ease. 

Contains: The kit consists of 2 covers, 1 drill, 2 rechargeable batteries, 2 chuck adapters, and a chuck key.


Sterile surgery - With the DrillCover P you are guaranteed to always have a safe and sterile drill on hand. Our system is completely cordless and rechargeable.

Reduce turnaround time - With our covers you never need to wait for your drill to be reprocessed. Simply replace the cover where you would normally swap to a new drill.

A reliable back up - Even the best pieces of equipment break. Be prepared for when your main system breaks. Our covers can be stockpiled for emergencies.


Cover Specs

  • Level 4 fluid and pathogen barrier 
  • Linen lifetime: 80 use cycles
  • Chuck lifetime: 300 use cycles or 3 years
  • Sterilize using steam autoclave
  • Arbutus Medical is a registered establishment with the US FDA

Drill Specs

  • 27.3 in-lbs (3.1 N-m) drill stall torque
  • 0-1050 RPM variable speed
  • 12V Rechargeable battery

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