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Arbutus Medical is an orthopaedic equipment company developing innovative devices for use around the world. 

DrillCover PRO

The DrillCover PRO is Arbutus Medical's newest product. A safe, sterile, reusable barrier for use with a modified hardware drills.

DrillCover PRO Drill/Reamer System


DrillCover Technology

DrillCover Technology pairs affordable power systems with reusable surgical linens. The combination provides a long lasting powerful motor with an affordable, multifunctional surgical tool. 

The Level 4 material used is Blood proof, Virus and Pathogen Proof along with easy to sterilise. The DrillCover PRO system adds the ability to perform cannulated and reaming procedures. Our most versatile product, whether you are operating in a high-volume trauma centre or flying into a natural disaster or war zone requiring light weight, robust surgical equipment. 

We design our equipment to work in challenging situations at an affordable price.  

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The DrillCover PRO is Arbutus Medical's latest innovation, building on the DrillCover Hex. Surgeons loved the lightweight original product but asked for the ability to ream and wanted quick-connects to rapidly change drill bits mid procedure. Both our in-line and cannulated attachments have Hudson/Zimmer quick-connect interfaces integrating with many existing attachments. 

At launch optional quick-connects include a 7.4mm Chuck, an AO Small attachment, a 10mm Chuck and a 7.4mm Keyless Chuck. The DrillCover PRO is a great addition to high volume hospitals, new surgical practices or forward surgical teams (military applications). 


The main advantage of the DrillCover PRO is multi-functionality. With the ability to ream, complete cannulated procedures and quickly change attachments with the Hudson/zimmer QC interface it can accommodate all procedures at a small private practice or a large hospital. The custom made Arbutus Medical bracket on the DrillCover PRO also provides an extremely solid connection for all chucks. 

The DrillCover Hex provides simplicity for non-cannulated procedures along with a light weight tool with minimal attachments. 


Linen/Cover Specs

  • Level 4 liquid and pathogen barrier

  • Lifetime: ~75 use cycles

  • Steam Autoclavable

  • ** Best used with Textile Guard

Drill Specs

  • 2 Gears

    • High Speed 0-1500 RPM (Drilling)

    • Low Speed 0-450RPM (Reaming)

    • Speeds match 'conventional' surgical drills

  • 12V rechargeable battery (multiple options)

  • Drill Weight 1.1Kg (with 1.5Ah Battery)

Battery Specs

  • All batteries are 12V rechargeable:

    • 1.5Ah - 2x Included with the Drill Kit (Not Sold Separately)

    • 2Ah - Sold Separately

    • 4Ah - Sold Separately

Chuck Specs

  • Initial Chucks:

    • 7.4mm Chuck

    • 10mm Chuck

    • AO Small

    • 7.4 mm Keyless Chuck

  • Chuck lifetime: ~300 use cycles

  • Steam autoclavable

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