The Company

Everything to know about Arbutus Medical

What We Do

Arbutus Medical is a surgical equipment company developing innovative devices for use in developing countries, disaster relief, and other low-resource environments.

At Arbutus Medical we are passionate about making a difference in the global surgery landscape. We believe that accessible technology is a major challenge preventing hospitals from providing the proper treatment around the world. To solve this issue, we have combined expert medical engineering with experience in social enterprises and market development to design and commercialize a portfolio of surgical equipment for surgeons in low-resource environments.

Our Story So Far

Arbutus Medical was born out of collaboration between Biomedical Engineers at the University of British Columbia and surgeons from Canada and Uganda. The graduate program, Engineers in Scrubs, helped to pair a group of graduate students, now the founders of Arbutus Medical, with the task of aiding surgery in Uganda. 


With the support of Grand Challenges Canada and other partners, Arbutus Medical has grown to extraordinary height since its founding years ago. To date, our flagship product, The Arbutus Drill Cover, has been used in over 12,000 surgeries across 20+ countries. See how the Arbutus Drill Cover is helping aid orthopedic surgery across the world.

Our Name

Arbutus Medical is named after the Arbutus tree, a magnificent broad-leafed evergreen tree with distinctive reddish-brown bark. The Arbutus tree is native to the southwest coast of British Columbia, Canada near the Arbutus Medical head office.

The Arbutus tree thrives in harsh environments: on dry, rocky surfaces, and in areas with little space for roots. Like our namesake tree, we are striving to thrive in under-served markets. Continue reading on our blog!