The Anatomy of a Name

I was recently walking through the forest on southern Vancouver Island and came across a grove of Arbutus trees, I was awed by their beauty. The sun filtered through their meandering branches as I took the time to study them from the comfort of their shade. Although they don’t grow the size of some of the coastal giants like Douglas Firs or Red Cedars, they grow in elegant spirals, understated lines that are completely unique in our forests. Standing in that grove near Sooke, BC I felt a deep connection to our name, taken from these trees who provide our local forests with a splash of colour with their red bark. I shared some pictures below that I took that day.  

We named Arbutus Medical after the Arbutus tree for its ability to thrive in harsh environments. The Arbutus in particular is local and unique among trees. You can be deep in the misty rainforests of coastal BC and suddenly see a splash of red in a clearing, and be awed. We hope that using the Arbutus tree as inspiration, we can take a unique approach to medical device technology to help serve surgeons in low resource hospitals.  What’s more, trees are a prominent symbol for orthopaedic surgery: the trunks and branches are similar to our skeletal system.