Our Products

We make surgical power systems that let you treat more patients with less downtime.

Our portfolio products allow you to treat more patients, rapidly turn around your drill and increase drill uptime throughout the day, and extend the lifetime of your expensive drills by  skipping the autoclave.

For Low Resource Settings

For Low Resource Settings

DrillCover   Hex

Turns a low-cost hardware drill into a safe orthopaedic surgical power tool.

For Surgical Drills

For Surgical Drills

 S Universal

Use the S Universal with any surgical  drill .

Use this to increase your stock of drills, or as a backup on busy days when   drill availability is tight.

IMG_5971 (1).png

S Custom

Designed to work seamlessly with the Stryker System 4/5 .

Ask us about S Custom products for any make and model of drill!


The SawCover completes the Arbutus power tool line  for   arthroplasty, trauma, and other applications.