DrillCover Hex System

The Problem

Orthopedic drills cost $30,000+, leaving surgeons in low-resource countries and areas with two options to perform surgery:

  1. Non-sterile hardware drills prone to causing infections.
  2. Hand cranked drills: sterile, but time and labor intensive which also damage the bone.

Due to the lack of sterility and precision of current options, tens of thousands of people worldwide have lost their lives or suffered from long-term disabilities.


Our Solution - The DrillCover Hex

The DrillCover Hex is a sterilizable and reusable fully-sealed barrier that transforms a hardware drill into surgical grade drill. Our kit includes a drill and cover to provide the precision, sterility, and adaptability needed in low-resource settings.

We have carefully selected a drill which matches the speed, torque, and feel of a surgical drill to provide the perfect low-cost solution. 

Product Description

The DrillCover Hex is licensed as Class II by Health Canada. It is also listed by the US FDA. The Drill Cover is a fully-sealed sterile barrier that is autoclavable up to 75 times. The linen and sealed metal chuck adapter provide a Level 4 fluid and pathogen resistant barrier – the highest classification available. 

Contains: 1 hardware drill, 5 Drill Covers (chuck and linen), 1 battery charger, 2 batteries, and chuck key.

Cover Specs

  • Level 4 fluid and pathogen barrier 
  • Linen lifetime: 75 use cycles
  • Chuck lifetime: 300 use cycles or three years
  • Sterilize using steam autoclave
  • Arbutus Medical is a registered establishment with the US FDA and is ISO 13485 (2003) certified. 

Drill Specs

  • 27.3 in-lbs (3.1 N-m) drill stall torque
  • 0-1050 RPM variable speed
  • 12V Rechargeable battery

Download our PDF below for all specifications.

For step by step procedures, request an IFU manual.


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