DrillCover S System


The Problem

In hospitals world wide surgeons have a limited number of surgical drills that require anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours of sterilization depending on the process. With some orthopedic surgeries requiring multiple drills, surgeons are limited by the time it takes to clean a drill from one operation to the next. Further, research has shown that constant reprocessing of surgical drills limits their lifetime.

Our Solution - The DrillCover S

The DrillCover S is a sterilizable and reusable barrier for surgical drills. Our covers allow surgeons to perform more surgeries with the same drill without compromising sterility or precision. Our solution is a more cost effective one than simply buying more drills.  By reducing the turn around time of surgical drills, surgeons and hospitals can treat more patients over time. 

Surgeons also increase the lifetime of their drills as the cover can be reprocessed instead of putting the entire drill through harsh sterilization processes repeatedly.

Product Description

The DrillCover S is licensed as a Class II by Health Canada. It is a reusable and sterilizable fully-sealed barrier for surgical drills. Product includes a drill cover, chuck, and chuck key. 

Coming soon: AO chuck connectivity.

Cover Specifications

  • Level 4 fluid and pathogen barrier 
  • Linen lifetime: 75 use cycles
  • Chuck lifetime: 300 use cycles or three years
  • Sterilize using steam autoclave
  • Arbutus Medical is a registered establishment with the US FDA and is ISO 13485 (2003) certified. 

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