DrillCover S System


The Problem

Surgical drills cost over $30,000 and many   hospitals have  dozens   of these on hand to allow surgeons to perform back-to-back cases throughout the day.

In addition, the drills wear down with every sterilization cycle, degrading this expensive asset and the   very expensive batteries.

Our Solution 

The DrillCover S is a sterilizable,  reusable, fully-sealed Level 4 barrier that let you skip the autoclave cycle for your  expensive   surgical drills. 

This enables   surgeons to   perform more surgeries with the same drill, without compromising sterility or precision.

By not needing to  re-process   the expensive drills and batteries multiple times a day, surgeons also increase the lifetime of this expensive asset.

S Universal - This DrillCover can be used with any surgical drill on the market. 

S Custom - We've customized this version to work seamlessly with the Stryker Systems 4 & 5. Ask us about tailoring the DrillCover S to your make and model.


Cover Specs

  • Level 4 fluid and pathogen barrier 
  • Linen lifetime: 75 use cycles
  • Chuck lifetime: 300 use cycles or three years
  • Sterilize using steam autoclave
  • Arbutus Medical is a registered establishment with the US FDA and is ISO 13485 (2003) certified. 

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