Global Health Impact



Arbutus Medical products  are   used around the world every day, helping patients from Canada to South Africa to Syria   and beyond. 

The company grew out of a desperate need for improved surgical equipment in Uganda, where Canadian surgeons worked with local hospitals to save limbs and save lives. 

We've looked at the impact of injury in Africa, and found that for every injury victim there are 5 dependants  whose lives are impacted. On average, when a breadwinner gets injured, the family income is reduced by 80% and children drop out of school permanently.

We're committed to working with partners like the AO Alliance Foundation, Medecins  Sans Frontieres, and SIGN Fracture Care to help bring safe surgery to the 5 billion people around the world who lack access.

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Quick Facts

  • 5 billion  people around the world don't have access to safe surgery
  • 2 billion  of whom don't have access to surgery at all
  • 5.8 million die annually as a result of their injuries
  • 10%   of the world's deaths are due to deaths resulting from injuries in an accident
  • 32% more  deaths are caused by injury than those caused by malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS combined.

In developing nations, motor vehicle accidents and injuries are extremely common. As countries    develop,   they see an increase in the   number of cars on the road. However the   roads, regulations, and enforcement don't always keep up with this growth in vehicular traffic. Due to these poor driving conditions it is not surprising that 25 million people are injured   every year due to road accidents. 

Car crashes and road accidents often cause broken bones and injuries that require surgery. However, the surgeons in these areas often lack the tools and resources to operate safely on patients.  Surgeries often result in lifelong disabilities  due to infections from non-sterile settings/equipment or imprecise tools like hand drills.  With many of these injuries concerning the bread winners of families, families can be left without the resources needed to sustain day to day life.

Join Arbutus Medical in providing safe surgery for all.