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Arbutus Medical is an orthopaedic equipment company developing innovative devices for use around the world. 

SawCover Vet Kit

Arbutus Medical Veterinary Products

SawCover Vet Kit


SawCover Vet Kit


The SawCover is a fully-sealed, reusable, sterile cover that allows surgeons to conduct arthroplasties, osteotomy procedures, and amputations back to back with a completely sterilizable, robust tool.

The SawCover System consists of a cover and a hardware saw that is optimized with a handle. Paired together, they allow you to saw with ease and confidence. The SawCover system eliminates the need to clean and sterilize the saw between surgeries, thus extending the life of the saw and maximizing usage time.

High Powered Ergonomic Saw

The mechanical output (speed and torque) is equivalent to high quality large bone orthopaedic saws and the ergonomic handle (designed by Arbutus) provides pistol grip orientation for control and stability.

Do More, Faster

Increase the uptime of your surgical saws and treat more patients back-to-back. Simply change a soiled Cover for a new one in between patients.

Contains: Saw, Charger, Battery, SawCover Linen and Textile-guard, Thumbscrew

Does not contain: Saw Blades (sold separately)

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  • Level 4 ANSI/AAMI PB70 barrier performance against fluid penetration
  • Linen lifetime: 75 use cycles
  • Sterilize using steam autoclave
  • Arbutus Medical is a registered establishment with the US FDA and is ISO 13485 (2016) certified. 


  • 12 V battery, rechargeable on either 110-120 V or 220-240 V AC (charger dependent)
  • Variable speed (5,000-20,000 OPM)
  • Weighs only 1.1kg and is easy to handle due to a custom-fitted ergonomic pistol-grip handle