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Arbutus Medical is an orthopaedic equipment company developing innovative devices for use around the world. 

DrillCover Hex System

The DrillCover Hex is Arbutus Medical's flag ship product. A safe, sterile, reusable barrier for use with hardware drills. Inquire now for availability. 

DrillCover Hex System



Veterinarians perform surgery in challenging conditions and the market is increasingly price sensitive as competition increases. Equipping a clinic with moderately priced long lasting equipment can be difficult. 

  1. Surgical drills are expensive ($15,000+) for new vets and high volume clinics, while alternatives are either bulky, corded, non-sterile or unsafe.

  2. Fixing or replacing parts due to the wear and tear of harsh sterilisation on a surgical drill can be expensive and time consuming.

Because of these challenges, animals may wait longer for the surgery they desperately need or receive unsafe surgery that leads to other health complications.

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The DrillCover Hex Vet Kit is a Surgical power tool designed for high volume, challenging environments. Ideal for either traveling veterinarians or clinics looking to lower their costs with a robust piece of equipment. The fully-sealed sterile barrier is autoclavable up to 75 times and provides a  Level 4 liquid and pathogen resistant barrier – the highest classification available.

The DrillCover technology gives veterinary surgeons the power and confidence to perform sterile surgery with ease.  The drill has been carefully selected to matches the speed, torque, and ergonomics of a surgical drill to provide the perfect cost-saving alternative. 

Contains: The kit consists of 1 drill, 2 rechargeable batteries, 1 Battery Charger, 1 cover, 1 chuck adapter, and a chuck key.

With multiple DrillCovers you can perform back-to-back cases by simply replacing the cover (linen) and chuck between patients.


The DrillCover Hex System is U.S. FDA listed, and licensed as a Class II medical device by Health Canada.

Sterile surgery - With the DrillCover Hex you are guaranteed to always have a safe and sterile drill on hand. Our system is completely cordless and rechargeable.

A reliable back up - Even the best pieces of equipment break. Be prepared for when your main system breaks. Our covers can be stockpiled for emergencies.

Cover Specs

  • Level 4 liquid and pathogen barrier

  • Linen lifetime: 75 use cycle

  • Steam autoclavable

Drill Specs

  • 27.3 in-lbs (3.1 N-m) drill stall torque

  • 0-1050 RPM variable speed

  • 12V rechargeable battery

Chuck Specs

  • Chuck lifetime: 300 Use cycles or 1 year

  • Steam autoclavable

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