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Arbutus Medical is an orthopaedic equipment company developing innovative devices for use around the world. 

Our Impact

Arbutus Medical is a surgical equipment company developing innovative devices for orthopedic surgery in low-resource environments and developing countries.

Making an Impact

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The Burden of Injury

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5 billion people worldwide lack access to safe surgery. Expensive surgical equipment contributes to this lack of access and propagates the burden of injury.

The aggregate of this individual burden of injury has greater social and economic impacts on communities, cities and countries as a whole.

On the global scale, the annual burden of injury exceeds that of HIV / AIDS + TB  + Malaria combined ("Injuries and Violence: the facts.” WHO, 2010).


Our Impact


We are striving to democratize safe surgery, make it accessible for all and thereby alleviate the greater burden of injury.

In our setting, where several procedures requiring drills are performed within hours of each other, with often unreliable sterilizing infrastructure, I have found DrillCovers a very innovative way to solve this problem and keep us working with minimal waiting times.
— Dr. George W. Galiwango CoRSU | Rehabilitation Hospital | Uganda
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45,000 patients = 225,000 lives touched*

*Based on our assessment of the impact of injury in East Africa, for every 1 injured individual, there are 5 dependents whose lives are subsequently impacted. (O’Hara et al. “Economic loss due to traumatic injury in Uganda” Injury 2016: vol 46(5).)

To date, we have shipped product capable of safely treating over 45,000 patients across 30+ countries worldwide. Animal patients also fall victim to the lack of access to safe surgery. To date, we have shipped DrillCover and SawCover products to treat 28,000 animal patients.

We are proud to supply medical products to military and disaster relief field teams around the world operating in conflict zones - teams doing their best to prevent conflict from leading to lifelong disability. First and foremost, Arbutus supports the peaceful resolution of conflict wherever possible. However, our current reality is that conflict exists throughout the world, and every conflict leads to numerous orthopaedic trauma injuries. We are proud that Arbutus products help teams save the lives and limbs of warfighters and civilians alike, especially considering that many of field teams operate in areas of the world where conflict has caused safe surgery to become even less accessible.


Our NGO Partners


Our Advocacy

We advocate for the neglected surgical patient and are proud members of the G4 Alliance. The alliance of more than 80 organizations is driven by a mission to provide a collective voice for increased access to safe, essential, and timely surgical, obstetric, trauma, and anaesthesia care. We believe safe surgery is a basic human right and should be part of universal healthcare worldwide.


Help Us Make Safe Surgery More Accessible

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Arbutus is actively seeking mission-aligned impact investors to join an open investment round that will allow the company to grow. For more information, please contact