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Arbutus Medical is an orthopaedic equipment company developing innovative devices for use around the world. 

About Us

Arbutus Medical is a surgical equipment company developing innovative devices for orthopedic surgery in low-resource environments and developing countries.

Who We Are

We develop devices that break down barriers to safe surgery.

We are passionate about democratizing safe surgery and making it accessible for all by providing radically affordable tools. Through expert medical engineering and creative innovation, we have designed and commercialized a portfolio of medical devices that can improve care for millions of patients worldwide.

To date, we have shipped product capable of safely treating over 45,000 human patients and 28,000 animal patients across 30+ countries.


Our Vision

Safe Surgery For All - A world where every patient has access to the care they need.

Medical equipment is expensive. Overly expensive surgical tools are a barrier to care and pose an added strain to healthcare systems worldwide. This ultimately affects everyone - across geographies, demographics, and socio-economic conditions.

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Using the concept of frugal innovation, we are providing affordable surgical equipment that is accessible to all and helps to alleviate this financial burden. With our tools in hand, surgeons worldwide can provide the best possible care for all patients.

Frugal Innovation


"Frugal innovation is more than a strategy. It denotes a new frame of mind: one that sees resource constraints not as a liability but as an opportunity — and one that favours agility over efficiency. Frugal organizations don’t seek to wow customers with technically sophisticated products, but instead strive to create good-quality solutions that deliver the greatest value to customers at the lowest cost. "

- Navi Radjou & Jaideep Prabhu

Harvard Business Review: What Frugal Innovators Do (2014)


By leveraging this concept of frugal innovation, products like the DrillCover provide surgical tools at 30x less cost. Armed with this methodology, our tools have delivered on the needs of the users - surgeons - by providing them with safe, reliable, high quality and now affordable surgical tools.


Our Origins

Arbutus Medical was founded in 2014, through a collaboration between a group of biomedical engineers from the University of British Columbia’s Engineers in Scrubs program, and surgeons from the Uganda Sustainable Trauma Orthopaedic Program (Vancouver, Canada) and Mulago National Referral Hospital (Kampala, Uganda). The team’s goal was to develop a radically affordable surgical drill that would ensure that orthopaedic surgeons at Mulago always have access to safe power tools.  

With the support of Grand Challenges Canada and numerous other partners, Arbutus Medical has leveraged their founding innovation to continue to grow and aid in surgery in Uganda and worldwide.