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Arbutus Medical is an orthopaedic equipment company developing innovative devices for use around the world. 

DrillCover S

The DrillCover S is intended for use with surgical drills. Extend the life of your surgical drill and reduce turn around time. Learn more today.

DrillCover S

What is it?

DrillCover S.png

A reusable sterile cover for conventional battery- powered orthopaedic drills

A liquid and pathogen proof sterile enclosure envelopes your non-sterile drill and fully seals the power transmission adapter through the sterile barrier.

The adapter engages with your drill on the inside of the cover and has a non-cannulated 3-jaw chuck on the outside.

What can it do?

The DrillCover S System is suitable for simple non-cannulated drilling and driving of short K-wires, steinmann pins or external fixator pins.

An optional AO quick connect attachment may be added for quick exchange of AO type drill bits. The drill’s original K-wire collet (driver), reamers and other attachments cannot be used with this system.

Why should you use it?

The Arbutus Medical DrillCover technology considerably extends the life of your orthopedic drill’s electric motor and battery. High temperature and humidity of autoclave contributes to deterioration of electrical and electronic components and determines the life of your drill far more than the actual use during surgery. Protect your investment by sterilizing DrillCover S rather than your expensive drills and batteries.

DrillCover S also allows you to own fewer drills. Multiple DrillCovers allow a busy hospital to perform back-to-back surgeries with a single drill by simply replacing the battery with a fully charged one and loading the drill into a new sterile cover.

The Starter Kit

The DrillCover Hex System Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started. It includes:

  • 1 DrillCover S Linen*

  • 1 3-Jaw Chuck Adapter

  • 1 chuck key

  • Optional: AO attachment (for quick exchange of AO type drill bits)

* For hospitals/clinics performing 2+ orthopedic cases / day, we recommend additional DrillCover S linens and 3-Jaw Chuck Adapters. This allows you to perform multiple back-to-back surgeries with a single drill, simply by replacing the linen and 3-Jaw Chuck between patients.

Part Specifications


DrillCover S Linen

  • Material: Waterproof textile and construction (including fully-taped seams); pathogen-barrier, Level IV textile

  • Lifetime: 75 uses

  • Sterilization: Steam autoclave only. Gravity displacement at 121° C for 30 minutes; Prevac autoclave at 132° C for 4 minutes or 134° C for 3 minutes.

Sterile Barrier.png

3-Jaw Chuck Adapter

  • Chuck Type: Keyed

  • Capacity: 0.5mm - 7.4mm (0.020in - 0.291 in)

  • Material: Surgical-grade stainless steel

  • Warranty: 1 year from purchase date

  • Sterilization: Steam autoclave only. Gravity displacement at 121° C for 30 minutes; Prevac autoclave at 132° C for 4 minutes or 134° C for 3 minutes.

US FDA (Food & Drug Administration): The DrillCover Systems Family is registered as a Class I medical device with the US FDA.

Health Canada: The DrillCover Systems family is licensed as a Class II medical device by Health Canada.