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Arbutus Medical is an orthopaedic equipment company developing innovative devices for use around the world. 

Military Products by Arbutus Medical

DrillCover: the lightest weight orthopaedic power tool system on the market. Ideal for surgery in the austere environment.

Military Products by Arbutus Medical


The Challenge

You need to be light and mobile, but prepared to rapidly deliver orthopaedic surgical care.

Orthopedic drills are too heavy to carry, leaving manual drills - or non-sterile industrial drills - as your only option.


The Solution: DrillCover PRO

Safely utilize a robust industrial drill for orthopedic surgery in the austere environment.

Light and packable: One DrillCover weighs only 408g

Quick turnaround: Carry multiple covers and eliminate the need to sterilize drills between surgeries

Every second counts: Efficiently drive ex-fix pins


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